WhySci shares the vision and mission of the Inspiring Australia Initiative of a scientifically engaged Australia.

Science, and all the knowledge, innovation and technology that it fosters, is fundamental to our way of life. A scientifically engaged Australia will be a wiser, healthier, more sustainable and more competitive Australia. Australia aspires to an innovative society with a technologically skilled workforce, a scientifically literate community and well informed decision makers.

To fully realise the social, economic and environmental benefits of our significant investment in science and research, we must communicate with and engage the wider community in science.

We envision a society that is inspired by and values scientific endeavor, that  attracts increasing national and international interest in its science, that critically engages with key scientific issues and that encourages young people to pursue scientific studies and careers.

At WhySci, our aim is to contribute to a strong, open relationship between science and society, and to promote community engagement with the sciences by providing a portal to local science news, events and resources.

WhySci has a very big mission, and we cannot do it alone. We welcome your involvement and your feedback so please help us to increase the appreciation of science in Australian culture.


WhySci is supported by the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, the Tasmanian Department of State Growth and the University of Tasmania.

We are based at the University if Tasmania in Hobart, Tasmania.