A Modern Build Tasmania doco – Most Energy Efficient Build 2014 Tasmania

Date: August 27, 2015
Time: 5.00 - 6.39 pm


Sustainability Learning Centre (entry via Hobart College)
50 Olinda Grove, Mt Nelson


A Modern Build Tasmania – Asante is a journey of discovery that follows the whole building process from inception to occupation. Margaret and Tony had dreamed of a stunning view and a rural location for their home that embraced the design elements they love – feng shui and passive solar.

After a life of living in inner Melbourne with restricted space Margaret and Tony craved a home that was Self Sustaining with wide open vistas that synergised with their home. Asante was built in 2013 from European Pre Fabricated Materials to the Highest Passive Solar ratings possible.

A Modern Build Tasmania is the first feature documentary for Alexander Palmer, Flowing Image Productions.

Includes a bonus short film ‘Tasmania Story’ – Bob Clifford super ferry founder from small beginnings and a Q&A with Alex Palmer film maker.

Cost: $8

Contact details:
Jenny Dudgeon
Department of Education Tasmania
Email: jenny.dudgeon@education.tas.gov.au
Phone: 0438 283 872

Event audience: Everyone