Is fruit good or bad for you?

Date: August 20, 2015
Time: 18:00hrs


Sinclair auditorium Launceston Church Grammar School (Senior Campus)
Button St
Mowbray Tasmania 7248


Sugar in the diet can be associated with causing inflammation and leads to obesity, heart disease and many other modern lifestyle diseases.  We are extolled to eat our daily serving of fruit and vegetables but fruit particularly can have high contents of glucose and fructose.

Should we be eating bananas, apples and oranges?

Hear the issues and ask your questions as Gary Fettke and Roger Stanley present the sides of this debate.

Venue:       Sinclair Auditorium Launceston Church Grammar School, Button St Mowbray (drive/ make your way right to the end)

Date:          Thursday 20 August 2015

Time:         18:00 – 19:00hrs followed by a light supper

Dr Gary Fettke is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Senior Lecturer of the University of Tasmania, based at Launceston. He has an interest in preventative aspects of health outcomes and particularly before operating on patients! Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancers are directly linked to sugar consumption. The ‘natural’ source of sugar is fruit. Gary will discuss the role of fruit in a modern diet – Is it natural to have fruit in your diet?

Professor Roger Stanley is Foundation Director of the Centre for Food Innovation at the University of Tasmania, based at Launceston.  His expertise is on maximising the health and performance properties of foods and natural extracts to produce functional foods. He has had a career across New Zealand and Australia identifying and testing the health properties of foods with a focus on fruits and vegetables. Roger will talk on the health properties of fruit and advocate why we are better off with them in our diet.

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Event audience: Everyone