Knowledge Exchange: Considering fire when managing biodiversity

Date: March 7, 2016
Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm


Room 106, ground floor Geography and Environmental Studies Building, University of Tasmania
Crn Grosvenor Crescent and Clark Road, SANDY BAY


There is increasing interest in Tasmania and Australia-wide in managing biodiversity at a landscape scale. To help improve communication and collaboration, a series of ‘knowledge exchange’ events will be held to discuss recent research findings, introduce new tools and mapping layers, identify knowledge gaps and data needs and workshop future projects.

Who can come? Anyone with an interest in landscape management of biodiversity is welcome. This includes researchers, practitioners, consultants, policy makers and anyone else with a general interest.

People interested in attending can just arrive on the night, but it would be appreciated if they could let Kerry Bridle ( know so wine and cheese can be ordered accordingly.


5:00 pm Room opens, wine and cheese available

5:30 pm Intro – Amy Koch (FPA) 5:35 pm Change in lightening fires in western Tasmania – Jonathan Marsden-Smedley (UTas)

5:45 pm Pyrodiversity: Fire, food webs and biodiversity – Dave Bowman (UTas)

6:00 pm Biodiversity management for prescribed burns – Stephen Bresnehan (TFS)

6:15 pm Fire for restoration – Neil Davidson/Tanya Bailey (Greening Australia)

6:30 pm Fire management in Tasmania’s reserves – Adrian Pyrke (PWS) 6:45 pm General discussion – facilitated by the panel

Event audience: Everyone