An Evening At the Pub with MONA Curator Geoffrey Miller

Date: November 1, 2016
Time: 6-8pm


The Duke
192 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000


Spend a fun and fascinating evening at the pub with Professor Geoffrey Miller, internationally acclaimed evolutionary psychologist, best-selling author, and curator of MONA’s newest exhibition.

Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy a relaxed and informative talk on

If humans aren’t naturally monogamous or promiscuous, what are we? Can evolutionary psychology help us understand the pros and cons of polyamory, open relationships, and other new forms of ‘consensual non-monogamy’?

Professor Geoffrey Miller is a leading evolutionary psychologist (University of New Mexico, US) and best-selling author of books ‘The Mating Mind,’ ‘Spent,’ & ‘Mate.’ He is a curator of MONA’s On The Origin of Art, a new exhibition opening 5 November. He will be in Hobart for a few days only, so do not miss this opportunity to hear him talk about his latest work, followed by a Q&A and the opportunity to chat with him over a beer.

Tickets: $20 – includes a free drink and nibbles.

Visit the Facebook event for more information.

Event audience: Everyone