Inspiring Australia Grants for Tasmanian Science Engagement Events 2018

Applications are invited for up to $2,000 for the purposes of supporting public science engagement events in Tasmania in 2018.

Information pertaining to the general objectives of Inspiring Australia can be found at:


  • Applications will be judged on their capacity to engage diverse audiences in one or more aspects of the STEM disciplines. In this context ‘STEM’ may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the life sciences, agricultural science, chemistry, engineering, maths, physics, marine science, ecology, geography, psychology, computing and technology. Examples of previously funded events include a wildlife photography exhibition, a permaculture workshop, science talks in public venues, an open day at the Mt Pleasant Radiotelescope Observatory, a science themed market stall and a documentary screening.
  • In this competitive grant round preference will be given to applications that demonstrate innovative and engaging methods of science communication, that demonstrate a willingness to effectively co-brand with Inspiring Australia, and that target Youth audiences (18 -35 yrs). These are priorities only and not eligibility criteria.
  • Applications that request financial support for large capital purchases will not be considered. Anticipated budget expenses would include things like venue hire, advertising and promotion, speaker or presenter fees, catering, incidentals (such as in the case of a workshop materials) etc.
  • Applications will be limited to the fields outlined in the online application form. No attachments, other than your budget, will be accepted.
  • Funding requests for events that take place in a school for a student audience will not be eligible.
  • These grants are intended to support public science engagement events that take place outside the month of August as there are additional grants available for activity associated with National Science Week.
  • Download a Budget Template HERE

Applicants are encouraged to contact Inspiring Australia Manager, Sarah Bayne at / 03 6226 2716 to discuss your proposal.

Notification of success or otherwise will occur on 26 February 2018.

Applications close at 11.59 pm, Wednesday 14 February 2018

Online Application